Moscow City, Mega building project in Russia Simon RWA Systeme GmbH supplies drives technology for smoke vents and window automation

(PresseBox) (Passau, ) Moscow City develops to a new part of the centre of Moscow and is based at the left side of the river Moscwa. Most of the buildings will be used as offices and commercial. Most spectacular parts of Moscow city are the two "Federation towers"; highest sky scrapers in Europe with approx. 500 m and 93 floors. Start of the building project was 2004 and all should be finished in 2012. Simon RWA Systeme GmbH supplies window drive components and smoke vent systems. Approx. 400 folding arm actuators and different control panels means a big project and high responsibility according safety.

Once more the folding arm actuator was the only drive technology that could fulfil the high technical standard of the architects. No other actuator could fulfil this.

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