µPD720180A device wire adapter enables wireless data transfer in the frequency range of 5 to 10 GHz

Improved throughput capability, higher quality of transmission
(PresseBox) (Stuttgart, ) NEC Electronics' µPD720180A device wire adapter (DWA), which immediately broadens Gleichmann Electronics' product portfolio, was specifically designed for wireless communication between Wireless USB 2.0 compatible PCs or other Wireless USB 2.0 host systems and compatible peripheral and multimedia devices.

Wireless USB 2.0 has a wireless communication range of up to 10 meters and offers the same maximum data transfer rate of 480 Mbits/s as connections with a USB 2.0 cable. Because the new µPD720180A DWA chip - which is compatible with the previous µPD720180 DWA chip and its field proven driver software - in addition to the conventional frequency range of 3 to 5 GHz also supports the 5 to 10 GHz range, this high rate of transmission now also allows the efficient use of simultaneous communication of multiple Wireless USB-based hosts with appropriate peripheral devices. Furthermore, the communication quality is improved by the suppression of interference.

NEC Electronics' recently announced µPD720171 host controller will also support this extended frequency range and, by combining it with the new µPD720180A DWA chip, ensures a reliable and fast USB wireless communication.

Samples of the µPD720180A DWA device are immediately available from Gleichmann Electronics. According to NEC Electronics, mass production is expected to begin in October 2008.


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