Multi-touch projected capacitive touch (PCT) technology for displays with up to 55-inch (139.7 cm) screen diagonal

Capability to support up to 10 simultaneous touch points
(PresseBox) (Frankenthal, ) Gleichmann Electronics presents the innovative multi-touch projected capacitive touch (PCT) technology from Zytronic on its Booth 2-219 in Hall 2 at embedded world 2013, February 26‑28, 2013 in Nuremberg, Germany. This technology has the capability to support up to 10 simultaneous touch points on displays with up to 55-inch (139.7 cm) screen diagonal.

The multi-touch solution, which was developed by Zytronic for large display formats used in information and self-service terminals as well as industrial applications, is based on its ZXY200 touch controller and a ruggedized, scalable touch sensor. In addition to offering 15‑inch (38.1 cm), 22-inch (55.9 cm), 32-inch (81.3 cm), 46-inch (116.8 cm) and 55-inch (139.7 cm) sensors, customer-specific sizes in low volumes are also available.

Like all of Zytronic's PCT touch sensors, the multi-touch sensor solution uses a matrix of 10 micron diameter copper electrodes embedded within a 4 mm thick, durable glass laminate which is both impact and scratch resistant. The sensor also works with gloved hands, thus considerably increasing the application areas for this solution.

This ruggedized multi-touch solution is plug and play compatible with Microsoft's multi-touch capable operating systems Windows® 7 and Windows® 8. It can also be used in conjunction with multi-touch application software such as Nuiteq's Snowflake and Omnivision's Omnitapps platforms.

Thanks to Zytronic's proprietary copper electrode deposition process, the multi-touch sensor solution can easily be scaled with no one-time up-front costs being incurred. In addition, the controller firmware can be accessed by the user to adjust sensitivity levels so that it can be tuned to match the precise needs of the system design it is being integrated into.

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