High-Level Detail at High Frame Rates: Monochrome Progressive Scan CCD Sensor by Sony

ICX625 (PresseBox) (Pullach b. München, ) The progressive scan CCD sensor ICX625ALA by Sony achieves the highest-possible resolution. The Super HAD CCD™ with 2456 × 2058 resolution is currently available in the monochrome version.

The CCD sensor can output pixel data at remark-able speed. At an effective resolution of 2456 × 2058, the 2/3“ chip delivers a high frame rate of 15 fps. In the Center Scan mode, the camera achieves rates of up to 44 fps and ensures consistent image quality in each view. The ICX625ALA thus delivers images of a quality comparable to Sony‘s EXview HAD CCD™ ICX285AL with up to four times higher resolution.

The CCD chip features an electronic shutter with variable charge-storage time which makes it possible to realize full-frame still images without a mechanical shutter. It is typically used for applications that require high-resolution imaging, a high dynamic range, high sensitivity and high output speed, e.g. surveillance cameras or scientific measurement systems.


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