Multi-pin High Voltage Connectors

For pulsed applications up to 14 kV AC / 13 A
GES Series MC-plus Multi-Pin HV-Connectors (PresseBox) (Eching / Germany, ) The new multi-pin High voltage connectors of Series MC-plus from GES Electronic & Service GmbH are an enhanced version of the proven and reliable Series MC. Substantial improvement is an extended and heat resistant PTFE insulation insert. The silver- or gold plated brass contacts are available for wire gauges from AWG 22 to AWG 12 (0.14 -2.5 mm²); the terminations can be crimped or soldered. The inlets of connector and receptacle can be interchanged. The housing on cable side is made out of nickel plated brass ensuring reliable protection under harsh conditions. It is also equipped with a sealed gland bushing for shield connection. The connection can handle an operating voltage of up to 14kV AC and a current of up to 13A and is suitable for applications with pulsed DC voltages. A 5-pin version is provided by default, 2, 3 and 4 pin versions can be delivered on request.


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