Tablet PC LE1700 with latest Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Technology

Acturion Datasys presents the 5. Generation of Tablet PCs from Motion Computing
LE1700 Tablet PC (PresseBox) (Munich, ) Acturion Datasys offers Motion Computing’s new Tablet PC LE1700 one of the most powerful Tablet PCs with a unique 12.1“ SXGA wide screen display. The Tablet PC LE1700 is the direct advancement of the successful LE1600 from Motion Computing. Thank to Intel® Core 2 Duo processor technology the new Tablet PC LE1700 provides breathtaking CPU power at low power consumption.
The LE1700 Tablet PC is predominantly designed for vertical markets like Logistics, Warehousing, Retail, mobile POS, Hotel Business and Health Care.

The LE1700 Tablet PC has the design of a clipboard and can be operated by digitizer pen. In summer 2007 the LE1700 will be available as so called WT (Write Touch) version. The LE1700 Write Touch is a hybrid which combines digitizer pen operation and touch screen operation together at the same time. The LE1700 WT can be either operated by digitizer pen and/or finger.

The Tablet PC LE1700 is based on the compact ergonomic design of the LE1600 from Motion Computing. Inside of the LE1700 Tablet PC works an Intel® Core 2 Duo L7400 1.5-GHz Processor, with 4MB L2-Cache, low-voltage and FSB 667MHz. For small budgets there is also a base unit available with Intel® Core™Solo-Processor LV U1400, with 2 MB L2-Cache, 1.2 GHz, 533 MHz FSB. Both configurations start with 1GB of 667MHz DDR2-RAM which can be upgraded to 4GB.

The standard battery keeps the LE1700 for some three hours alive which can be extended to up to 6 hours with the extended battery which can be clipped on the rear side of the Tablet PC. For wireless communication there a several ports available, standard features are an Intel-PRO/Wireless 3945a/b/g WLAN, a Bluetooth class 2 module and for communication with peripherals like PDAs and mobile phones there is an IrDA port available. Other features are a 1.8” HDD with 30GB or 60GB capacity, 2 USB-2.0 ports, 1 Digital-Video-Interface-Port (DVI-D), 1 10/100/1000-Ethernet-LAN-Controller with RJ-45 jack, 1 external VGA connector, 1 PC-Card CardBus slot and 1 SD Secure-Digital-Slot.
The new LE1700 Tablet PC enables users to connect to broadband wireless communication systems like HSDPA, EDGE and GPRS. The internal mini PCI card is downward compatible with 3G standard (WCDMA) with 850/1900/2100 MHz and with EDGE/GPRS networks with 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.
The new wide screen SXGA display is a milestone in the Tablet PC market. For the very first time Motion Computing offers a Wide Screen 12.1“TFT display with SXGA 1,400 x 1,024 Resolution. The LE1700 can be ordered with the standard indoor display or optionally with the sunlight readable outdoor display with View Anywhere technology. The View Anywhere display uses a proprietary optical enhancement process based on technology initially developed for high-end military aviation and marine applications. The View Anywhere display adjusts quickly from an office or home work environment and accommodates a variety of outdoor work scenarios. This innovative solution was designed for mobile users that use Tablet PCs in bright light environments.Compared with Motion Computing’s standard display, the View Anywhere display technology enhances indoor viewing - while substantially improving outdoor viewing. The View Anywhere display technology also retains the traditional feel of pen on paper that has become a hallmark of Motion’s ink-enabled Tablet PCs, and the solution is also stronger, more durable, and scratch resistant.
With a built-in fingerprint scanner and TCP Trusted Platform Module (TPM) the LE1700 provides highest standard regarding save data access and data security. Brand new is the Motion DataGuard System which ensures that no data gets lost. Motion DataGuard protects the hard drive when a shock sensor inside the LE1700 Tablet PC detects a situation that could potentially damage the hard drive, such as a drop or harsh vibration. The protection system stops the hard drive by moving the read/write heads of the hard drive to areas that do not contain data, and may also stop spinning the disks of the hard drive. The hard drive is less vulnerable to damage when it is not in operation. The protection system turns the hard drive on again once the shock sensor detects a stable environment. Motion DataGuard is enabled through the control panel, and is programmable for three levels of sensitivity to meet the usage needs.

The LE1600TS has an ultra-slim housing which measures 11.65” x 9.64” x 0.74” and consists of carbon-fibre on the front and light metal alloy at the back. The design and finish of the housing gives the LE1700 an unrivalled look of exclusivity. The coating of the housing is extremely hard and thus the Slate-Tablet-PC keeps its look of luxury all over its lifetime. The temperature range is +5°C - +35°C in operation and humidity is 8% - 80% non-condensing.

Acturion Datasys sells the Tablet PC LE1700 base unit with Core solo CPU for 1,385 Euros, net and the prices for the LE1700 Core 2 Duo start at 1,689 Euros, net. The LE1700 can be ordered with Windows XP Tablet Edition or Windows Vista Business.


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