Extremely Precise Distance Measurement—PISeca™ Capacitive Position Sensors

PISeca™ single-electrode position sensors can determine distance, position and length values with sub-Nanometer resolution.
The One to Beat: Ultra-Precise PISeca Position Sensors (PresseBox) (Karlsruhe, ) Capacitive sensors from Physik Instrumente (PI) perform non-contact measurements against any kind of electrically conductive target. PISeca™ D-510 sensor probes are available for measurement ranges of 20 µm, 50 µm and 100 µm, electronically extendable up to 500 µm.

In combination with PISeca™ E-852 signal conditioner electronics, they offer unmatched resolution to 0.2 nanometers (< 0.001% of the measurement range). Due to integrated linearization, excellent linearity to 40 nanometers is reached. With a high maximum bandwidth of up to 6.6 kHz, these sensor systems are also well-suited for dynamic vibration-measurement of machine parts.

Capacitive position sensors have been used for many years by PI for its own highest-precision nanopositioning stages. PISeca™ single-electrode sensors are fundamentally very robust and have very high temperature stability. Ease of integration of PISeca™ sensors is ensured by standardized sensor probes and signal conditioner electronics with an LED-bar gap indicator.


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