variable Miniature High Voltage Connector

up to 17kV / 13A in small format
GES Series-VP VarioPro Clip Lock (PresseBox) (Eching / Germany, ) Series VarioPro (POM or PTFE, 17kV) and Series-VarioPro-plus (PTFE, 23kV) are both based on an entirely variable assembly concept of fully compatible elements. All versions of this miniature high voltage connector share the same insulation case design enabling combinations of up to 3 pins per connection by using different types of feedthroughs and cubic holders. Recessed CU-contact pins plated with AG or AU provide a high safety standard and can be either crimped or soldered to AWG 26 - 14 wire gauge diameters. The IP 20 protection class and an operating temperature resistance of up to -40°C to +100°C make this match-sized connector a reliable component for your high voltage applications. Series VarioPro provides excellent performance, flexibility and reliability at minimal space requirements and weight, quick start of operation and easy assembly, maintenance and service.Main area of application are analysis and laboratory technologies like laser- and plasma devices, stereometers, christallographs etc. as well as medical-, measuring- and testing-equipment. Since Series VarioPro can be mounted unadjusted it is also particularly interesting for commercial or industrial lighting-applications.


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