It is now easier to get a museum-domain

Register the museum-domains at one stop
ICANN Registrar Secura: It is now easier to register a museumdomain (PresseBox) (Cologne, ) The .museum-domain is an exclusive domain.It is open for registration by museums, organization of museums and friends of museums.The notion of museum is understood very generous, e.g. a zoological or botanical garden belongs to it. A proof to be a museum is necessary for registering museum-domains.

The museum domains have a new naming policy . In former times the museum-domains had to have a third-level-structure in the form It was e.g. not possible to register The three-level-domains are persisting, but you can also register second level domains like It is important, that the second level domain is derived directly from the official name of the museum.

The managers of digital museums can register at,, or - even at every second level.

You must not apply for the ENS and Keyword ID at Musedoma first like in former times. You can order at your museum-domain at one stop.

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