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Liposuction ®medicalpicture (PresseBox) (Köln, ) Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, more often however, in the hands of a gifted surgeon. medicalpicture offers a selection of images depicting the possibilities, procedures and dangers of modern plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, aesthetic surgery, facial surgery etc.

The profession of aesthetic surgery covers numerous different medical fields. Ultimately, the goal is always an aesthetic improvement of the patient’s looks although the medical reasoning behind any procedure may vary from medically necessary interventions to purely aesthetic motivations.Liposuktion

‘Beauty comes from within, but sometime you have to help it get out!’

quote Thomas Schmidt, CEO medicalpicture GmbH.

‘..medicalpicture photographers show how its done.’

Pictures, photos and illustration regarding aesthetic surgery in the image archive
Numerous different procedures are incorporated in our vast database including Botox-treatment, breast implants and reductions, cellulite removal, liposuction, nose-jobs, ear adjustments, silicone implants of various types, wrinkle treatments and many more. medicalpicture offers you the opportunity to get up close and personal with almost all procedures performed in modern plastic surgery.

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