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Educationalpicture for further education (PresseBox) (Cologne, ) Pictures make you smarter. Don’t believe it? Well, then you have not visited the medicalpicture® website. Our image databank is not just another internet database. Each individual image offers, in addition to its content, a detailed description of what is shown. Thus medicalpicture® has evolved from an everyday-database into a detailed reference for physicians.

medicalpicture® has now expanded availability of this comprehensive image source to the public as well. This new, web-base offer allows students and teachers to access and use all images within this database through Educational Pictures® (

Seeing is Believing

For a small monthly fee, students, teachers, professor etc. may subscribe to the professional image databank which medicalpicture® has to offer. Over 100,000 entries are available on the official medicalpicture® site. Photographs, illustrations, 3D animations are ideal to optically enhance the quality of otherwise one-dimensional presentations, homework and dissertations. Furthermore, images are ideal to explain complex correlations and processes. In addition to our images covering a plethora of topics in great detail, comprehensive descriptions and explanations of each picture are provided as well.

Using Educational Pictures®, physicians students and teachers are presented with a world of opportunities. Simply provide proof of your student/teacher status and access is granted within 48 hours. These pictures will make you smarter, or at least let you appear so.


About Educational Pictures®
Educational Pictures® is a project of medicalpicture Gmbh, Cologne for further education and training.


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