Fractus provides next-generation antennas for Neonode N2 - the ultra compact touchscreen mobile handset

Fractus micro antennas key factor in reducing handset size by 45 per cent
Fractus customised quad-band GSM antenna (PresseBox) (Spain, ) Fractus, the fractal antenna technology pioneer, has enabled Swedish handset manufacturer Neonode to create its ultra-compact Neonode N2 handset by developing a miniature internal quad-band GSM antenna for the device.

Fractus provided an antenna that is just 40.8 x 10.74 x 7.45 mm enabling Neonode to produce one of the smallest, lightest handsets on the market at 47 x 77 x 14.7 mm - 45 per cent smaller than its predecessor, Neonode N1.

The antenna was custom-designed by Fractus to deliver the required performance with a significantly smaller size, despite being positioned extremely close to other electronic components. Traditionally the antenna is isolated as much as possible from other components to avoid RF interference.

The handset features multiple technologies that could interfere with an antenna including a 5.08cm (two inch) optical touch screen display - so it has no keypad, a two mega pixel camera, miniSD memory expansion and a multimedia player capable of playing back MP3, AAC, WAV, MPEG4 and WMV formats as well as supporting internet radio recording.

"Fractus helped Neonode to achieve great antenna integration for such a small device, and that meant Neonode could continue to develop this compelling and feature-rich phone," said Alfonso Sanz, Product Manager, Products and Services Division, Fractus. "The antenna design evolved together with the device's design in a smooth way. Working with Neonode to achieve this win-win approach, we have clearly shown the level of handset design innovation that is possible to achieve by using Fractus antenna technology and capabilities."

The quad-band antenna operates over GSM on the 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 frequency bands.


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