SPEED-LINK Swordplay Kit for Nintendo® Wii™

Swordplay Kit for Nintendo® Wii™ (PresseBox) (Weertzen, ) Whether you're a pirate in the Caribbean or a knight of the round table: with this scimitar, sword and shield set from SPEED-LINK, sword fights will turn into a real experience.

Heroic sword fights and battles with pirates are simply more fun

With a sword in your hand, games like 'Pirates Of The Caribbean - At The World's End' or 'Prince Of Persia - Rival Sword' take on a new quality. Movements become more realistic and battles become even more enjoyable when fighting using the combination of the sword and shield. At the same time, the dragon design of the shield and the dark design of the sword and scimitar provide the right look.

Simple to use

The Wii™ Remote simply clicks into the sword or scimitar and sits securely in the slot. There is a mount on the back of the shield for the Wii™ Nunchuk. The Remote strap provides an even more secure feeling.

The SPEED-LINK Swordplay Kit for the Nintendo® Wii™ will be available from the end of June 2007 for the RRP of €24.99.


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