Call for papers: Practical applications and experience in the use of virtual reality solutions

ICIDO Summit 2006 (PresseBox) (Stuttgart, ) In the past years, the ICIDO Summit, which will be taking place on 27/28 September this year, has evolved towards becoming one of the leading international events on the subject of virtual reality. ICIDO calls on all users of virtual reality solutions to actively contribute to further propagation of the topic in the economy and to submit and present their thoughts on benefits and applications, and also new ideas for the event.

In 2007, when the ICIDO Summit will be taking place on 27/28 September, the event will be focusing on the practical application of virtual reality and visual decision processes in all its facets in daily life and work. Above all solutions are to be presented that focus on outstanding benefit, a surprising use or a particularly successful implementation of virtual reality in practice. It makes no difference whether this involves hardware, software or a combination of both.

Particular interest will therefore be devoted above all to contributions that de-scribe virtual reality and visual decision processes in all its practical relevance and which point out a benefit for an enterprise. However, we also intend to look beyond our own noses to establish where this issue already plays a role in the daily life of individuals.

The organiser will be choosing a selection of the submissions, which can be sent in informally to the following address by 31.7.2007.

Sebastian Grimm
Jurastr. 8
70565 Stuttgart

All talks accepted will be published in a book and will be handed out free of charge to the ICIDO Summit participants.

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