Energy Autonomy - The Code of Survival

A Film calling for New Energy
Banner (PresseBox) (Immendingen, ) The international media project "Energy Autonomy – The Code of Survival“ will present itself at this year's „Intersolar“ in Freiburg. From June 21st to 23rd, friends of the Community of Energy Autonomy as well as everyone interested can find not only useful information at booth 2.6.10 in Hall 2, but also a taste of what is going to be next year's movie event.

If the development continues unchanged, parts of the world's population will be cut off of energy supply for an incalculable length of time, while the energy consumption in industrialized countries is growing rapidly. Regardless of the threat of climatic disaster, fossil energy sources are used for producing energy. Violent conflicts over dwindling resources are on the increase. The documentary film project "Energy Autonomy – The Code of Survival“ wants to show ways out of the crisis .

In co-operation with Hermann Scheer the production company fechnerMEDIA will carry the revolutionary idea of "Energy Autonomy" into the public light. Based on the principles of his latest book, "Energieautonomie", a documentary film, directed by Carl-A. Fechner will be produced for cinema, TV and DVD release. It is the backbone of the versatile media project "Energy Autonomy – The Code of Survival“. Supported by a large number of comrades-in –arms and allies, it wants to start a global movement. It is a movement of people, who want to tackle an energy transition. The "Energy Autonomy" team welcomes any kind of co-operation. Those who wish to participate financially in the project are invited to contact the team for a personal meeting with producer Carl-A. Fechner, be it at the fare or before or after "Intersolar 2007“.

What makes this production special is: According to the approach of a decentralized energy supply, the project's financing is decentralised. The film consists of hundreds of symbolic film building blocks, which can be purchased by committed entrepreneurs, organizations or individuals who by doing so step forward, advocating a worldwide energy transition. "Only with a decentralised financing of the project, we can enjoy 100 % editorial independence," Carl-A. Fechner explains. He joined forces with US-American co-producers in order to bring this film into the cinemas of Europe and beyond by the middle of 2008.

The team of "Energy Autonomy" is looking forward to welcoming you at „Intersolar“.


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