Wassermann AG Helps Ulmer Maschinenteile GmbH Optimize production

Machine manufacturer aims for 20% productivity increase through Wassermann solution
Production at Ulmer Maschinenteile GmbH (PresseBox) (München, ) Increase on-time delivery, improve the reliability of due dates communicated to customers, and optimize the utilization of personnel and machinery – these are the objectives of Wassermann AG’s assignment at Ulmer Maschinenteile GmbH, to be met by implementing its waySCS software to ensure consistent production process planning. The Ulm-based company manufactures and installs parts, small series, and assemblies as well as complete machine tools, including the respective electric and electronic components. Through the introduction of the Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) system for the transparent depiction, planning, and optimized control of the production flow, Ulmer Maschinenteile GmbH aims to achieve a 20-percent productivity increase while reducing delivery times and maximizing on-time delivery.

Having analyzed the potential of production processes at Ulmer Maschinenteile GmbH, Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution provider Wassermann AG identified scope for long-term improvement in the production flow. This information formed the basis for Ulmer Maschinenteile’s decision to implement the waySCS (Supply Chain Simulation) planning tool. Wassermann's SCM experts launched the reorganization project in early April. While the manufacturer continues to manage its core process data (bills of materials, routings, customer orders, etc.) with the existing ERP system AMS++, the waySCS simulation software uses this master data to create a realistic production plan, taking into account all machine and personnel capacities, including the associated material controls.

The overall objectives of the project are to optimize process management and introduce SCM functionality. The company hopes to increase on-time delivery, improve the reliability of delivery dates communicated to customers, and to optimize the utilization of personnel and machinery.

waySCS: Optimized planning of the entire production process

The implementation of the waySCS Advanced Planning & Scheduling software to control production enables Ulmer Maschinenteile GmbH to depict its entire supply chain in a planning environment. The scenario techniques offered by waySCS allow planners to simulate the effects of new orders on resources and schedules and to identify potential planning conflicts at an early stage. Thus bottlenecks can be avoided in future, and utilization is optimized throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Filters and views alert to scheduling conflicts, imminent bottlenecks or overcapacity risks, which can be systematically resolved using the integrated agent technology. waySCS "learns" to reproduce the decisions and behavior of SCM planners and makes suggestions accordingly, thereby reducing the burden of routine tasks.

“Going by experience, we expect to achieve return on investment on the entire SCM project within twelve months. waySCS helps to increase process stability quickly, and it improves the accuracy of planning and the ability to deliver and to deliver on time. Existing safety stocks, throughput times, and capital tie-up are gradually reduced,” says Andreas Wagner-Manslau, head of Wassermann AG’s Competence Center, in respect of the solution's benefits.


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