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Everybody can build a .mobi wesite in minutes for free
Mobi-Domains: Everybody can build a .mobi website in minutes for free (PresseBox) (Cologne, ) Do you want to reach a massive customer base? Meet the 1.3 billion users who will have Internet access on their mobile by 2008.Then you should use mobi-domains.

Existing Internet protocols and practices are designed for desktop PC-oriented services, not for mobile phones. Today, more and more people want to access the Internet from their mobile phones; however, there is a lack of mobile-friendly Internet sites, content and applications.

dotMobi Switch On! Guides provide design rules and best practices for sites and services associated with the .mobi domain; the guides contain mandatory rules and recommended best practices that ensure the highest levels of user friendliness when interacting with the domain and its services. The dotMobi Switch On! Guide for Web Developers is based on work performed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Mobile Web initiative. dotMobi played a key role in the creation of this document and is also a sponsor of the W3C Mobile Web initiative.

As the only registry with a guide for the design of mobile-friendly web sites, dotMobi is in a unique position to encourage the use of the guide so that end users can be confident of a consistent, reliable and enjoyable experience when accessing .mobi content and services.

The guides are designed for domain registrants of mobi-domains, since they are the owners of the .mobi Internet sites and services; the guides can be applied to content and services hosted at any domain, but must be implemented for mobi-domains. Also, the guides are useful for tool vendors and solution providers whose products and services may utilize mobi-domains.


The Dotmobi Parking Page Template provides a template to create a parking page on a domain - for use prior to the deployment of any unique content.

The file named index.html is the main parking page. It contains a logo (called logo.gif, and which defaults to 100px x 40px in size) and a CSS stylesheet. A selection of stylesheets are available, in a range of colours and styles.

The index.html file must be edited prior to deployment. Certain pieces of information should be replaced with actual values, specific to the deploying registrar or hosting company:


The website is packed with dozens of tools and hints to websites in order to develop and certificate a mobi-domain website.

Owners of mobi-domains will get at a free page analysis and Mobi Ready score. This report tests the mobile-readiness of a .mobi site using industry best practices and standards.

Many registrants of mobi-domains will not need the tools above at all, if they go to

Everybody can build there a .mobi website in minutes-without being a website designer or programmer.This service is completely free.

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