Force10 Networks awarded patent fpr Advances in delivering reliable switching and routing performance

(PresseBox) (Heusweiler, ) Force10 Networks®, the pioneer in building and securing reliable networks, today announced that it was awarded a patent for innovations in congestion management that allow the TeraScale E-Series® family of switch/routers to deliver predictable performance and throughput regardless of traffic conditions. Force10 holds 16 U.S. patents protecting its innovations in switching and routing performance as well as backplane design and manufacturing.

“Advancing the state-of-the-art of switching and routing requires innovations in system throughput, design and processing,” said Joel Goergen, vice president of technology and chief scientist at Force10 Networks. “Force10’s engineers have consistently delivered these innovations to provide customers with the reliable foundation they require to ensure their network is application ready.”

Force10’s most recent patent protects the unique processing scheme the TeraScale E-Series uses to assign traffic to ingress and egress ports and the protections it provides to ensure the system is not overwhelmed by traffic on a single port. This patent is crucial to delivering the predictable system-level performance businesses require at all times to scale their networks.

As an essential aspect of the reliable business network, scalability is critical to building a flexible network. Including not just line card and system density but more importantly the ability to deliver predictable performance regardless of traffic conditions or features, network scalability provides enterprises with the flexible foundation to expand the network and adapt to emerging applications.

Reliable Networking by Force10 delivers the performance characteristics businesses require to build a unified fabric that will transform the network into a strategic asset. By building reliability, network control and scalability into the network, enterprises gain a lower total cost of ownership and have the flexibility to dynamically adapt to the evolving and emerging applications that are changing traffic patterns within the network.


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