Still presents the FU-X and FS-X Low lift pallettrucks for every application

Still FU-X 20 Low lift pallet truck (PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) Still GmbH from Hamburg is continuing its product push in the field of warehouse equipment at a high pace. New on the market are the FU-X low lift pallet truck for 2,000 kg and the FS-X with a load capacity of max 3,300 kg.

The FU-X is a rider-seated truck designed for horizontal transport. It is equipped with a 24 volt, three kW AC-drive motor and different batteries with capacities between 360 and 640 ampere hours are available. The battery can be changed from either side of the truck using a roller track and a changing frame. The individually adjustable driver’s compartment offers large leg space, ergonomically arranged controls and a comfort driver’s seat with many adjustment options.

The optimized geometry of the chassis allows a very good view in all directions. The automatic levelling of the load wheels regulates the “stiffness of the suspension”. As all wheels are in permanent contact with the floor, critical driving situations are avoided and the turnover performance is increased. For safety, the speed is automatically reduced if the truck travels in the direction of the fork and the load weighs more than 200 kg. Another safety feature is the reduction of the travel speed dependent on the steering angle (Curve speed control, CSC). The FU-X offers the best service accessibility on the market. Access for service is provided by simply opening the side door and the hinged seat.

Many common advantages of the FU-X and FS-X

The FS-X offers similar benefits to the FU-X. This includes a very ergonomic driver’s compartment enlarged by nearly 30% with a very comfortable driver’s seat and a foot plate that can be adjusted in height. Five adjustable driving programs can be selected for different acceleration, speeds and braking characteristics. The FS-X is also equipped with CSC (Curve Speed Control). Two maintenance-free drives move the vehicle at speeds up to 20 kph – remarkably fast for horizontal transport. The vehicle is furnished with a unique battery concept providing up to 1,000 ampere hours. The battery can be changed from the side by a lift truck and is installed in such a way that it lowers the truck’s centre of gravity by 30% making it much more stable.

Both low lift pallet trucks are ideally suited for tough work transporting goods, especially over long distances. This type of application is often found in trade centres but also at freight forwarders, industrial plants and logistics centres.

Photo captions:
Fig 1: The Still FU-X 20 low lift pallet truck

Fig 2: The Still FS-X 20 low lift pallet truck

Photo: STILL GmbH
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