Safe CAN-Data transmission via fiber-optic line

(PresseBox) (Weingarten, ) With the new CAN-CR210/FO IXXAT offers a lineup version of its approved FO-Repeater. Several CAN-CR210/FO can be connected via the integrated backbone bus, which allows to set-up a star-coupler with an almost unlimited number of channels.

The main operational area for the FO-Repeater is the transmission of CAN messages in an environment with high electromagnetically influences as well as the dependable galvanic isolation of sub assemblies.

As all IXXAT repeaters, the CAN-CR210/FO allows the automatic recognition and separation of a defective segment from the rest of the network, so that the remaining network can continue working. After elimination of the defect, the segment is automatically switched into the network again.

The CAN-CR210/FO has one high-speed CAN interface (ISO/IS 11898-2), an integrated backbone-bus and a fiber-optic interface (50/125 ìm duplex). For the fiber-optic a version with FSMA or ST-Socket is available.

The repeater is delivered in a small plastic case for DIN rail mounting. The power supply can be provided in a wide range from 9 to 35 V DC.

Further information about the CAN-CR210/FO can be found at:


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