PMC Board for CAN with Highand Low-Speed Bus Interface

(PresseBox) (Weingarten, ) The new iPC-I XC16/PMC was specially developed to cover demanding CAN applications like industrial control or automotive test stand.

The interface supports the 32-bit PMC bus and can be used in 5 V and 3.3 V systems. Some of the features offered by the on-board 16 bit microcontroller include filtering, pre-processing, low latency, time triggered transmission or high precision time-stamping of CAN messages. The interface can also be used as Master device in CANopen systems with a large number of nodes.

The iPC-I XC16/PMC board has two CAN channels which can be switched between highand low-speed CAN via software. Both CAN channels do have a galvanic isolation.

In combination with the CAN driver (VCI, part of delivery), the iPC-I XC16/PMC allows for the seamless integration of PC-supported CAN applications. In addition, the iPC-I XC16/PMC is well-suited for use with the IXXAT analysis and configuration tools.

Further information on the iPC-I XC16/PMC CAN interface is available in the Internet at:


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