CAD Announces Release of MEDUSA4™ Version 3.0

Design More Quickly and Flexibly Than Ever Before
MPDS4 Factory Layout (PresseBox) (Moers, ) CAD Schroer Group (CSG), the global engineering solutions provider, today announced the release of version 3.0 of its renowned MEDUSA4 Design Automation Suite. The update features a large number of enhancements for even greater 2D and 3D design productivity.

“The key words to describe the latest release include speed, flexibility, and interoperability,” explains MEDUSA4 Product Manager Mark Simpson. “Our 3D customers will be especially pleased to see our intelligent STEP and IGES interfaces for excellent rendering of third party 3D components in large-scale assemblies, for example. And many of the tools in our design automation suite have gotten even smarter; take for example the advanced drafting functionality in our SMART Edit “parametrics on demand” tool:
among other things it now allows associative circle placement and editing with the click of a mouse. The latest Unicode implementation gives engineers even greater freedom and flexibility with text on designs, with nearly 100,000 characters from almost every language currently encoded – great when exchanging designs in multi-lingual environments.”

The Fourth Generation of the globally renowned MEDUSA engineering product suite offers superior design automation within a highly flexible systems environment. Its powerful software tools were developed to work the way engineers do, helping companies get product to market faster, and designs to customers quicker and more efficiently.

What’s New in MEDUSA4 Version 3.0?

New in MEDUSA4 2D Drafting
* Full TrueType/Operating System Font and Unicode (Multi-language) Support
* Design Objects Further Extended for Top-Down and Bottom-Up Design
* New Parts Balloon Tool and Parts List Table
* Improved 2D Text Handling and Grid Handling
* Enhancements to Segment Dragging, Post-parameterisation and Gap Processing

* SMART Edit™ Gets Even Smarter!

New in MEDUSA4 3D
* 3D Import and Export: STEP, IGES and Google Earth (COLLADA™- export only)
* User Interface Improvements

New in Other MEDUSA4 Add-On Packages
* MEDUSA4 P&ID: Catalog Tool Enhancements
* MEDParts™: Search and Replace Enhancements
* MEDLink™: Support for Windchill PDMLink™ 8.x

New in MPDS4™
* Improved Dynamic Graphics Performance – Transparency, Sectioning, Colour
* New Model Load Dialog for 3D Import (STEP/IGES/STL)
* New Assembly Structure Tab
* Usability Improvements: Moving, Rotating, Copying, Selecting and Iterator Parameters

New in MPDS4 Add-On Packages
* MPDS4 FACTORY LAYOUT™ - Further Usability Enhancements

Coming Soon:

New in MEDUSA4 Personal™ - FREE drafting power for personal use
* Now with Sheet Metal Design
* Support for More Linux Distributions

“Customer loyalty is one of our hallmarks,” explains Michael Schroer, the company’s Founding Director. “We work hard to retain that loyalty by offering customers a sound partnership based on engineering know-how, and constant proof – by way of regular software updates and releases with innovative cost-saving productivity tools – that their maintenance money is well-spent.”

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