Aragon Photonics launches the BOSA-C COMPACT

The Compact solution for High Resolution and High Dynamic Optical Spectrum Analysis
Compact High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer, BOSA-C COMPACT (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) Aragon Photonics is pleased to announce the release of the BOSA-C Compact, a new model of its BOSA-C High Resolution OSA. The BOSA-C Compact is a compact solution with the built-in probe TLS, thus offering a cost effective solution.

With the superior optical performance determined by the all optical patented technology, the BOSA-C Compact provides 0.08 pm of resolution, simultaneously with an extended dynamic range up to 80 dB and real time measurements in any span from 1 pm to complete C band, plus a guaranteed wavelength accuracy of +/-2 pm at 1550 nm. Besides not need any external equipment to work with, the BOSA-C Compact incorporates a touch sensitive screen and additional advantages as GPIB and Ethernet interfaces for remote control.

Originally aimed to analyzing active devices, BOSA-C and BOSA-C Compact with its ultra high resolution, even at low power signals under test, allows researchers and developers to study the physics of lasers, to characterize main parameters of lasers as well as chirp effects in lasers and modulators. Thanks to the real time and high resolution, BOSA products clearly improve existing optical techniques to derive the RF spectrum of modulated optical signals, which it is especially interesting in high-bit rate signals. The high resolution and high dynamic range in broad measurement spans make them ideal for some applications as the characterization of laser combs and pulsed lasers.

Now researchers can decide the BOSA model more convenient according to their situation and needs. The software is very easy and friendly to use with advanced functions, macro editor tool for automated process and video record capabilities among other.

About Aragon Photonics:
The Aragon Photonics goal is to provide innovative all optical solutions for high resolution measurements. The company designs and manufactures the BOSA, a high resolution OSA (HR-OSA) based on a patented all optical technology, for the optical communication market.


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