prudsys RE is “Ready for SOA”

Market leading prudsys RECOMMENDATION ENGINE receives the “Ready for SOA Specialty” certification.That makes the prudsys RE one of the first solutions to support not only the data exchange of web services but also the modelling of business processes.
(PresseBox) (Chemnitz, ) SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) describes a flexible, adaptable IT architecture which supports distributed data processing. It is a modularisation of processes and systems by means of web services, enabling businesses to act or react virtually in real time in the event of process or system changes.

A pioneer in the SOA environment, IBM founded the SOA Foundation, an initiative offering businesses a complete SOA portfolio including consultancy services, methods, software and hardware, guaranteeing each business entry into the realm of SOA geared towards its individual needs.

Businesses whose solutions ideally complement the products of the IBM SOA Foundation or which support the IBM SOA strategy are recognised with “Ready for SOA” certification. In this way, IBM and its business partners give clients the security they need when implementing business critical processes, new developments and applications in the SOA environment.

prudsys AG, realtime analytics specialist and IBM Advanced Business Partner, managed to fulfil the strict requirements placed on such solutions with its recommendation engine based on data mining and has now been accepted into the “IBM SOA Foundation” and the “IBM SOA Business Catalogue” and has been awarded the “Ready for SOA Specialty” certification.

The prudsys RECOMMENDATION ENGINE (short form: prudsys RE) is the first self-learning recommendation engine working in real time in E-commerce and at the point-of-sale. It generates highly qualified product and purchase recommendations and adapts them intelligently to clients’ needs. It works in real time and offers numerous integration interfaces.

That includes an extensive web service packet including a library of operational procedures in WS-BPEL, which enables platform-independent execution of complex analytical processes. Specifically, the IBM WebSphere Process Server was connected to the prudsys RE, increasing the analytical power of the prudsys RE by adding the extensive modelling possibilities of the WebSphere Business Engine.

“In particular, the prudsys RECOMMENDATION ENGINE ideally complements and expands our IBM range solutions with it self-learning realtime analytics solution.” says Jörn Kaller, ISV Sales & Alliance Manager IBM.
“Functional tests in the IBM Innovation Center (ICC) also showed top performance results from the prudsys RE on various IBM systems.” continued Kaller.


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