Memorysolution Portunus: small and smart

The office accessory with 1.4 " CSTN display adds useful information and the personal touch of the owner to advertising messages.
Memorysolution Portunus: small and smart (PresseBox) (Breisach, ) Digital picture frames, galore nowadays are hitting the market. To reach a high degree of attention as an advertising gadget, nowadays, in addition, such a device must offer some kind of added value. This is the point the Memorysolution Portunus jumps in. Adding the function of a programmable slide show to the classical digital picture frame, the Portunus also offers some additional features coming in quite handy to the user. Decent and elegant in appearance with a mix of grey with chrome highlights, the smart-functioned Portunus perfectly fits into every office or private environment.

The flash memory of the smart office accessory from Memorysolution can hold up to 60 product photos and logos. The programmable slide show turns the device into an unobtrusive mediator of the stored advertising message. The crisp 1.4 “ (3.6 cm) CSTN display sports a resolution of 128 x to 128 pixels. The interval can be preset between 1-120 seconds per picture; digital images are transferred to the device by the USB cable provided.

On a monochrome LCD display right below the color display for the slide show the digital desktop calendar indicates date, time and temperature. The built-in alarm function reminds the owner of the device of important appointments.

Memorysolution offers the product in two versions: on the one hand as a digital product presenter with photo frame function without preloaded content; in the customized version ten images provided by the customer, i.e. product pictures, logos etc. will be pre-installed. Additionally, a logo print can be applied to the digital table calendar by means of silk screen print.

The respective holder of this gadget not only receives a plain advertising message in form of a logo imprinted on the housing: in addition, loading personal photographs into the digital photo frame allows for adding a distinct personal touch. As a positive side effect this fact might extend the presence of the advertising message in the field of vision of the owner.
At a minimum order quantity of 100 pcs. wholesalers can order the Memorysolution Portunus at a dealer price of 13.20 Euros, the recommended retail price is 16.20 Euros, exclusive VAT.

Housing material: Plastic
Size: 106 x 55 x 10 mm (H x W x D)
Maximum imprint size for logos: 20 x 23 mm, silk screen
Weight: 80 g
Guarantee: 24 months

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