Amplifier system AMS8/16 and LAN measurement system AMS-LAN8/16: high-quality and compact measurement technology by bmcm

Under the name of "AMS" (Amplifier Measurement System) the new product line of BMC Messsysteme GmbH offers up-to-date amplifier technology in 5B standard for individual requirements.
AMS-LAN: 5B technology combined with network data acquisition (PresseBox) (Maisach, ) In a solid, compact (½ x 19 inch) metal housing with the characteristic red frames of BMC Messsysteme GmbH high-quality measurement technology has been integrated in smallest space: the amplifier measurement system AMS8/AMS16 features 8 (AMS8) or 16 (AMS16) slots for 5B modules to connect analog signals.

Various plug-in cassettes are available as accessories, on which the most different 5B amplifier modules and measuring converters can be mounted, thus providing for galvanic isolation and perfect signal conditioning for each connected channel. The cassettes are installed in the AMS8/AMS16 and fixed tightly with screws.
For the comfortable connection of the sensor system the brackets are equipped with different connectors. The sensors are supplied by the AMS8/AMS16 itself.

Because of the modular conception the customer can create his individual amplifier measurement system customized to his requirements.

But that's not enough: For all who do not want to connect their measurement system externally at the 37-pole Sub-D socket, the AMS-LAN is provided as an 8 (AMS-LAN8) or 16 channel (AMS-LAN16) version additionally featuring an integrated, synchronizable LAN data acquisition system.
With an overall sampling rate of max. 25kHz per device the signals are recorded and transmitted to a PC via network (TCP/IP).

The AMS products from BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) feature high flexibility, quality and compatibility. Other versions of the AMS amplifier measurement system are in the pipeline.


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