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Sunrise period 2a ends soon
Asia-Domains: Sunrise Period 2a ends October 30 (PresseBox) (Cologne, ) The Sunrise Period 2a ends 2007 October 30. Many registrars have already announced that the deadline is passed for the registration for this period. Secura GmbH will accept applications till 2007 October 30.

The Sunrise period has started just in time at 2007 October 10. It is be divided into three phases.

Sunrise 1 (SR1) is designed for Governmental Reserved Names, which are focused mainly on geographical names and names that are relevant for governments in the context of the .Asia domain.

Sunrise 2 (SR2) provides priority for registered trademarks and service marks holders to register their corresponding domains.

Sunrise 2 (SR2) is further refined into 3 sub-phases to provide a reasonably thorough program to allow companies to protect their marks and brands.

SR2a: Early Bird Sunrise for trademarks registered earlier (applied for before March 16, 2004) and have demonstrable usage

SR2b: General Marks Sunrise for newer trademarks (applied for before December 6, 2006) or marks that have not yet been actively used

SR2c: Extended Protection for trademark owners to protect their brands beyond the term itself but also domain names that are relevant to their lines of businesses: e.g. XYZ.Asia and XYZcomputers.Asia. Sunrise 3 (SR3) allows companies in the region to protect and use their name with the asia-domain.

These possibilities shall be extended.See

Sunrise 1 (SR1) and Sunrise (SR2a) have begun concurrently on October 9, 2007. SR2a application period will end on October 30, 2007. SR2b, SR2c and SR3 will commence on November 13, 2007, and close on January 15, 2008. Priorities for each phase will be maintained.

Learning from the experience of past domain launches where chaotic situations arise because of a huge number of interested parties racing to register the domain names they want, DotAsia is implementing a more stable process for managing the expected initial demand for domain names by companies and businesses to protect their corporate identity online. During the Sunrise phases and sub-phases, all applications of domain names within the period specified will be considered to be received at the same time. This significantly eases the pressure for hastened applications within moments of the registry opening. If a domain name received only one qualified application, the domain will be allocated to the applicant accordingly. If a domain name received more than one qualified application, an auction will be held between the two or more qualified applicants. Auctions will be mainly conducted online and with a high level of transparency for bidders.

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