SVOX announces SVOX Pico, a revolutionary new Hidden Markov Model-based Text-to-Speech Product for Mobile Phones

SVOX Pico breathes life into cell phones in over 20 languages
Speech in Motion (PresseBox) (Zurich, ) Seeking to catalyze large-scale adoption of cell phones, SVOX AG CEO Volker Jantzen today announced SVOX Pico, a revolutionary Hidden Markov Model (HMM)-based text-to-speech product, to help people and businesses better embrace mobile speech technology. SVOX Pico is the first dedicated handset solution to complement the growing success of SVOX speech technology in the mobile market and help even more people use the benefits of hands free mobile solutions.

“People expect to be able to do more and more with their cell phone,” Volker Jantzen said. “We’re building on our expertise across the globe to deliver speech user interface experiences that leverage the unique SVOX technology. With SVOX Pico we are opening new opportunities for cell phone users for a true hands-free, eyes-free access to information. SVOX puts an end to speech solutions that only lend themselves to one or two use cases. In contrast, SVOX Pico is designed to flexibly support a wide range of applications: navigation, location-based services, SMS, e-mail and screen reading as well as music content. Our TTS playback response time is very low and SVOX Pico produces voice output much faster than our competitor's TTS products. That’s one of the reasons we are the navigation industry’s most trusted speech solution partner.”

Industry Shows Broad Support for SVOX Pico

“Success in the mobile space means integrating powerful speech solutions that enhance the cell phone user experience,” said Eric Lehmann, CSO, SVOX. “By supporting mobile device companies in more than 20 languages, we are building upon our long and successful alliance with the mobile industry to provide people with a compelling embedded speech solution. Mobility is the future of business. The SVOX Pico platform as the core of a highly attractive user interface will enable this future. We are going to roll-out dozens of new languages in order to serve our mobile industry customers better and keep up with their incredible growth rate. Our language portfolio will consist of over 40 languages in 2009.”

Available in 2008, SVOX Pico breathes life into cell phones in 20 plus languages

Key benefits are natural, intelligible text-to-speech output supporting true hands-free, eyes-free user interaction with mobile devices. Low footprint (ca. 1 MB) and the modular SVOX software architecture support rapid integration and easy voice and language updates providing high quality TTS for the cost-sensitive mobile market. The unparalleled footprint / quality ratio is the breakthrough for speech technology in the mobile phone market.


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