Dynavisions Supports Environment Protection

CO2 Certificates Included in the New Product Packages
(PresseBox) (Rotkreuz, ) Dynavisions Schweiz AG, leading manufacturer of set-top boxes plans to conform to the topical ecological requirements of the electronic market.

It is planned to include a CO2 certificate in the packages of the new generation of products. These certificates will be purchased from an ecological energy company and are being given directly to the customer. The CO2 emissions being released when using the product will be neutalised by the emission reduction certificates. The new independent IPTV device becomes environmentally “neutral” and reduces the environmental burden.

“We accommodate the trend of energy saving and have decided to become actively involved,” states Juergen Stehle, CEO Dynavisions Schweiz AG. “In our product strategy we even go one step further and we have designed a re-usable package which offers a surplus value to the user as well as preserving the environment.”

On the 15th November Dynavisions presents the new generation of products. If you like to receive further information about the launch, please enter your details on the website www.dynavisions.com.


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