Destinator partners with SVOX for enhanced "text to speech" navigation experience for personal navigation devices

Destinator Technologies, leaders in navigation software, and SVOX today announce a new high quality text-to-speech (TTS) powered navigation solution that dramatically improves the usability of navigation devices
SVOX - Speech in Motion (PresseBox) (Zurich, ) SVOX produces easy-to-understand and smooth speech output to enhance user interaction with personal navigation devices. Combining this with the newly-launched Destinator 7’s richly-featured navigation software delivers a new level of customer experience for device-based applications such as automotive or pedestrian navigation.

Importantly for PND manufacturers, the SVOX solution is capable of handling the complex requirements involved in providing high quality speech output within the small footprint required for embedded applications.

The latest innovation in TTS complements important new developments in Destinator 7, including routing engine improvements, customisable user interfaces and 3D landmarks and icons.

Destinator Technologies VP Product Management and Marketing John Craig said: “For safer in-vehicle use, TTS is becoming an essential part of the navigation experience for millions of users. In today’s busy urban environments, people are relying more on voice guidance to take them to their destination. SVOX delivers clear natural sounding voice guidance that is an essential part of the Destinator 7 experience and we’re delighted to partner with them.”

SVOX Chief Sales Officer Eric Lehmann said: “SVOX has established itself as the leader in quality with its award-winning SVOX TTS solution. Building on its unmatched experience in speech dialog design, based on its unique architecture, SVOX and Destinator Technologies have created an entirely new navigation package that requires only a fraction of the footprint of current solutions.”


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