Owners of asian-domains may register asia-domains in the Sunrise Period

Sunrise Period 2b, 2c and 3 of asia-domains has started
asia-Domains: Owner of asia domains like .cn or  jp may register asia-domains already in the sunrise period (PresseBox) (Cologne, ) Sunrise Period 2b,2c and 3 of asia-domains has started at November 13th.The sunrise period of asia-domains ends 2008/1/15.

SR2b: General Marks Sunrise for newer trademarks (applied for before December 6, 2006) or marks that have not yet been actively used

SR2c: Extended Protection for trademark owners to protect their brands beyond the term itself but also domain names that are relevant to their lines of businesses: e.g. XYZ.Asia and XYZcomputers.Asia.

These possibilities shall be extended:

- Consideration for Registered Marks without Nice Classification
- Combination of 2 or more Registered Marks as an Acceptable Extension

Acceptable Extensions have been broadened to include words and phrases used in the described goods and services for a Registered Mark, especially where a mark is registered with a trademark office that does not implement the Nice Classification system. Acceptable Extensions will also include combination of two (2) or more Registered Marks in their entirety (Exact Match and Acceptable Match).

SR3: Sunrise 3 (SR3) of asia-domains allows companies in the region to protect and use their name with the asia-domain.

The following addendum was introduced to Sunrise 3 (SR3):
- Considerations for commonly used short forms and omission of locality indications
- Acceptance of standard Romanization and Transliterations for Company Names
- Acceptance of standard Romanization and Transliterations for Trademarks
- Registered Marks Containing an Existing TLD as a Suffix
- Domain names that were subject of proceedings under the UDRP

The Acceptable Match considerations are enhanced to allow for initials and short forms of an Entity Name, as well as the omission of locality indications (e.g. the city, prefecture, province or country identifiers included in an Registered Entity Name). SR3 is also expanded for standard Romanized form of Entity Names and Registered Marks.
Finally, SR3 will also accept Domain Names Applied For based on an exact match to a domain name that was subject of a UDRP proceeding decision.

You can also register an asia-domain, if your trade mark has a suffix of a top level domain. Roger.asia can be registered, if your trade mark protects roger.com.

Readers can explore more details at http://www.registry.asia/...

Registered Name Holders of certain ccTLD extensions in Asia may apply for the same asia-domain during SR3. No further documentary evidence needs to be submitted unless requested by the .ASIA Registry.
- The Applicant must declare the particular ccTLD extension the SR3 application is based on.
- The WHOIS information obtained at the ccTLD registry should correspond with the Registrant Contact information submitted.
- The Domain Name Applied for must correspond to the Entity Name.

Applicable ccTLDs include .com.au, .co.jp, .co.kr, .com.hk, .com.my and others. A list of the applicable ccTLD extensions is included in Appendix A of the Special Advisory.

Interested readers can see more details there:

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