Fixed-Mobile-Convergence solution integrated into Siemens SME PBX

Speech Design, the European market leader for Business FMC (Fix-Mobile Convergence), has announced the launch of its Business Mobility Solutions integrated into the Siemens SME PBX.
Siemens OpenStage Telephone with fon mit Nokia E-Serie (PresseBox) (Germering, ) The new mobility solution is integrated into the current release V3 of Xpressions Compact, the internal voice mail card of the HiPath 3000 family of SME communications systems from Siemens. Xpressions Compact was also developed jointly by Siemens and Speech Design and tens of thousands of systems have been shipped, making it one of the most popular voice mail solutions on the world market and an ideal platform for the partners´ FMC initiative.

Business FMC allows a company to use a single wireline phone number for all business contacts. Employees are reachable wherever they happen to be through that number and can access convenient functions of the HiPath 3000 on their GSM mobile phones. Outgoing mobile calls are routed through the HiPath 3000 system, presenting the employee’s office number to the called party. Improved customer service, greater separation of business and personal communications, and improved cost control are benefits of Business FMC, for both large corporations and SMEs.

In addition to GSM mobile phones, Xpressions Compact Mobility can connect any external (wireline or IP) telephone as a normal “PBX extension”. Integrating a home office with the company´s HiPath 3000 system does not carry any additional cost (no equipment, installation or Internet connection is required in the home office). Xpressions Compact mobility works with any mass-market mobile phone. In order to further enhance the user experience, SPEECH DESIGN joined the BlackBerry® ISV Alliance Program and the Forum Nokia PRO Program and developed advanced client software for the leading smartphone models.

“Modern companies expect solutions enabling employees to work efficiently anytime, anywhere. It shouldn’t make a difference whether phone contacts with customers are handled from the corporate headquarters, on a mobile phone, or in the home office,” says Renaud Munier, VP Sales and Marketing of SPEECH DESIGN.


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