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Heat pumps with a heating capacity of up to 400 kilowatts
(PresseBox) (Holzminden, ) High energy prices are causing house owners to look for alternatives to oil and gas when it comes to heating. Right on time the Russians again flexed their muscles at the turn of the year. And in the West panic broke out once again amid fears that homes might get a little chilly in view of the power play taking place to the east. The conflict underlines the need to become less dependent on imports when it comes to energy production. Headlines concerning the looming climate change and the exhaustion of oil and gas supplies are accelerating the shift in thinking. So how will we be heating in the future?

Anyone who decides in favour of the future-oriented technology of the heat pump is setting his energy supply on a sound basis. And is not only protecting the environment but saving a whole lot of money too. The heat pump represents one of the most efficient technologies for supplying energy for heating.

Not only is it the owners of detached and semi-detached houses who are giving some thought to their future energy supply; owners of larger residential buildings, commercial and industrial property increasingly want to go the way of the heat pump too.

There's help in store for you! The new model series of WPF heat pumps from STIEBEL ELTRON was purpose developed to provide heating in larger sized properties. Thanks to this model series the distinct price advantages of heating with modern heat pumps are also coming to properties with an energy requirement of up to 400 kilowatt.

The new model series of heat pumps uses the abundant supply of energy in the ground for low-cost heating of larger size properties—and that with heating flow temperatures of up to 60 degrees. The external appearance of the heat pump already gives you an inkling of the performance this compact power-pack is capable of. The individual appliances are available in five different capacities up to 66 kilowatts and up to 400 kilowatts heating capacity in a cascade connection. Up to six of these modules can be combined to make one unit. A feature unique on the market is the possibility of stacking two appliances. In this way available space can be maximised.


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