SVOX Automotive Text-To-Speech Technology makes driving safer using Texas Instruments' DaVinci™ Technology

Updating Navigation Systems Now More Efficient and Timely using SVOX comprehensive embedded speech capabilities
Speech in Motion (PresseBox) (Zurich/Freising, ) Enhancing automotive infotainment systems with comprehensive embedded speech capabilities, SVOX AG today announced they have pushed the boundaries in navigation systems with the adoption of SVOX's text-to-speech (TTS) technology in Texas Instruments' (TI) DaVinci™ technology processors. SVOX's TTS innovative technology allows text to be converted into speech through text analysis and voice synthesis, making travel safer and more efficient by adding advanced speech to navigation systems in automobiles.

TI and SVOX are working together to not only increase the safety of drivers, but are aiming to provide an efficient and stress free car ride with interactive in-car applications enabled by DaVinci technology and TTS technology-base speech output solutions. A main challenge with navigation systems is that current systems use pre-recorded messages and when updating these systems with new recordings, different languages, software updates and new routes the process can be incredibly timely and expensive. Now, with the flexibility and programmability of DaVinci processors, SVOX is able to add advanced speech output capabilities to navigation systems that can automatically inform drivers of potential delays and traffic jams. Pushing this technology even further in traditional navigational expectations, these new systems will be able to increase the safety of drivers by allowing the application to read incoming emails and text messages without drivers having to physically pick up a mobile phone or PDA.

TI and SVOX understand the need of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that require a seamless and timely transition to new digital signal processing (DSP) platforms. SVOX was able to port its automotive TTS technology to TI's DaVinci processors targeted for automotive applications in only two weeks. The implementation of TTS on this DSP-based processor provides improved performance while decreasing the impact of SVOX technology on the system operating speed so OEMs can deliver the highest quality devices to the end-customer.

The SVOX solution built on world-class TI process technology is taking navigation systems to the next level by utilizing TI's broad portfolio of tools, software and support. The two companies will work together to deliver more innovative solutions to the market. For more information, please visit

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