Pluggable slip ring coupling

Pluggable slip ring coupling (PresseBox) (Ostseebad Rerik, ) W2E continues the Plug & Play concept forcefully. The innovative new product was designed in cooperation with HARTING. The slip ring is double-sided pluggable. The slip ring cou-pling is featuring a standardised electrical interface with two time of 4-wire-busses, 24 control signals and a three-phase power supply line. A thermal barrier is integrated. The exchange of the slip ring is possible without contact to the Pitch System and without any stripping of ca-bles. Preventive maintenance as well as repair could be realised without standstill of the tur-bine.


- standardised electrical and mechanical interfaces

- economic plug & play system

- electrical interface for two 4-wire serial buses, 24 control signals and a 3- phase power supply

- pluggable coupling part with inside located contacts

- A-side coupling with connecting cable to the pitch system

- B-side coupling with a plummer block for the mechanic connection

- integrated thermal barrier

- low price replacement, repair and maintenance

- cooperation between W2E Wind to Energy GmbH (idea, lead management), HARTING Deutschland GmbH and Fuhrländer AG


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