ProtectStar Group outlines its planned activities for the 2008 business year

ProtectStar (PresseBox) (Bradenton, FL, USA, ) Christopher Bohn, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ProtectStar™, the independent IT and communications security specialist active worldwide, recently outlined in London the planned activities of the ProtectStar™ group of companies for 2008.

Bohn started by summarising the goals achieved in 2007. Particular mention was made of the successful establishment of ProtectStar™ Research & Development (R&D) – the independent research and development department of the ProtectStar Group.

The initiatives of the non-profit ProtectStar™ Foundation with regard to the European Media and Event Academy in Baden-Baden, Germany, rounded off the corporate activities for 2007.

Following this, the focal points of the individual company divisions for the coming year were presented:

ProtectStar™ Testlab:
• The ProtectStar™ Testlab will increase the number of benchmark tests it carries out on hardware and software solutions from the IT and communications industry.
• Revised requirements for awarding the “ProtectStar AWARD 2008”
• Further development of new and transparent test and check routines
• Start of the ProtectStar™ Comlab
• Further recruitment for the test team at the ProtectStar™ Testlab

ProtectStar™ Research & Development:
• Further development of data deletion algorithms (with the ProtectStar Secure Deletion Algorithm as an example)
• Further development of encryption algorithms (with the ProtectStar AES Algorithm as an example)
• Development of security systems for the automobile industry

ProtectStar™ Foundation:
• Increased awareness of the ProtectStar Foundation
• Increased acquisition of donations for the ProtectStar Foundation’s aid projects

ProtectStar™ Solutions:
• Expansion of consulting and quality management (IQMM) activities in Russia, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland
• Development of security software for Windows, Linux and Mac
• Launch of the ProtectStar™ Data Shredder v2.0
• Presentation of the ProtectStar™ CryptPhone

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