ProtectStar to launch the FollyCrack Crackers’ competition

crack the code and win US$ 5000
ProtectStar - FollyCrack (PresseBox) (Bradenton, FL, USA, ) Independent international IT and communications security specialist ProtectStar™ Inc. has given Christmas crackers new meaning in its new winter competition – FollyCrack – aimed at encryption enthusiasts.

The aim of the FollyCrack competition is to crack the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm in a new version developed by ProtectStar™ Research, or ProtectStar™ AES for short. ProtectStar™ has put up USD 5,000 in prize money for the successful cracker.

The competition is aimed at young experts at mathematics and encryption. FollyCrack is part of the ProtectStar™ young talent promotion programme, targeting young people aged sixteen to twenty-five.

Please refer to for more details on the FollyCrack winter competition.


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