Reliable machining processes through comprehensive workspace monitoring

Maximum efficiency and precision thanks to optimised workspace utilisation with 'Best Fit'
Workspace monitoring is available in the machine simulation as well as the machining and material removal simulation (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) NC programs that are generated within CAM systems are designed to avoid collisions between the tools and the workpieces. To guarantee maximum process reliability, hyperMILL's machining and removal simulation functions for predefined machine models take into account not only the workpiece but also the tool, tool holder, clamps, tables, and the traverse paths of the different machine axes.

The modern hyperMILL® CAM solution offers users a wide range of machining strategies. Thanks to the machining and material removal simulation provided by the software, the workspace can be monitored very tightly. hyperMILL® checks the predefined machine model to determine which 2D, 3D, 3+2 or 5-axis simultaneous machining processes can be performed in the given workspace without traversing the defined limit switches. Both the movements of the linear axes (X, Y, Z) and the rotary axes (A, B, C) are included in the check.

Workspace monitoring is available in the machine simulation as well as the machining and material removal simulation. If the machining movements traverse any limit switches, hyperMILL® indicates this with an error message and colour highlighting in the graphical overview.

This makes the software's comprehensive simulation options a reliable aid for planning machine allocations, preparing bid proposals and purchasing new machines - the feasibility of the planned machining processes can be critically tested in advance.

Less set-up downtime thanks to optimised workspace utilisation

hyperMILL's unique Best Fit function automatically optimises the machining job to match the available workspace. In cases where workspace monitoring indicates transgressed limit switches but the actual workspace is large enough to complete the machining job, hyperMILL's Best Fit function automatically calculates an optimal workspace utilisation for the given tools and clamps - without having to recalculate the individual job steps. As well as providing better process reliability, this also increases machine efficiency and precision - particularly for small-scale and limited-function machines - as unnecessary set-up changes and downtimes are avoided.

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