Single-Pin High Voltage Connector Series-100

Up to 90 kV / 50 A in POM or PTFE
GES Series-100 (PresseBox) (Eching / Germany, ) Series-100 from HV specialist GES Electronic & Service is available in 10 versions and made for voltages up to 90 kV and a current load of up to 50 A. On request, versions with up to 150 kV can be delivered. Insulations are available in POM (Delrin ®) or PTFE (Teflon ®) and can withstand operating temperatures of up to -50°C to +200°C in PTFE. The aluminium screwing-housing is available as watertight IP65-construction and/or oiltight on socket-side to provide protection and mechanical firmness for operation in harsh industrial environments. Contacts are silver or nickel coated, mounted by soldering or screwing and can be assembled with cable diameters from 3 – 14 mm. Series-100 is by default equipped with metrical EMV-cable compression fittings; furthermore a cylindrical wedging enables easy screen connection. Typical applications for these High Voltage connectors are analysis and radiation technologies, high performance power supplies as well as measuring equipment for power-transformers.
GES products are available in the USA at High Voltage Connection Inc, Evan Mayerhoff, Tel. 516-466-9379,,


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