“Switch on and it works! ... We make it happen!”

DEV and Anritsu provide the perfect feeding network for your new head end station
(PresseBox) (Rosbach, ) From satellite to receiver: as part of the programme "Switch on and it works! … We make it happen!", DEV Systemtechnik launches a special offer for companies that set up their head end station with the solutions from DEV: Those who commission DEV with the project from satellite to receiver before June 1, 2008 will – depending on the volume of the project – receive an Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer worth up to 5,000 Euros for free. This offer is particularly appealing to system integrators, DSL network operators, internet service providers and cable network operators, because it enables them to measure the quality of the signal at any time after installation.

Consistent signal quality and reliable signal transmission from satellite to receiver are absolutely critical to ensure that neither noise interferences nor adverse weather conditions cause any transmission problems for the consumer. DEV Systemtechnik assumes full responsibility for the signal quality from satellite to receiver when setting up a new head end station. In addition to pro-viding planning consultation, the specialist also develops a comprehensive concept for RF signal transmission from satellite to receiver. Furthermore, DEV also provides on-site implementation services as well as system configuration after installation.

In order to enable operators to monitor the quality of the RF signal after installation and to check if it still meets the requirements, the package includes – depending on the volume of the project – an Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer for free. With the Spectrum Analyzer it is, for instance, possible to easily and quickly measure the difference between the actual RF signal strength and the minimum signal level and to check if the RF signals fed to the receiver have the same signal quality as the signals from the satellite to the head end.


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