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OLED-Display.net Logo (PresseBox) (Hofstetten, ) Oled-display.net announced that the website is upgraded and become some new infrastructure, features include Web 2.0 standards, tags, comments, user integration, rss-Feeds, videos and many more.

Erich Strasser from Oled-Display.net want to bring all the news with pictures, videos and background information’s very fast to the prospective customer.

Oled-display.net updated the technical information’s about OLED.
At http://www.oled-display.net/... you can find all information’s about the different OLED-types like:
OLED lighting
OLED materials

OLED TV’s are incredibly slim because organic material directly emits light so OLED display panels do not require a thick backlight or complex construction like other flat panel technologies. The history of OLED-Television is also updated and can be reviewed here:
The shipments of OLED TVs will rocket from 2,000 units in 2007 to 120,000 units in 2010.
The first OLED-TV comes from Sony:
It boasts a 3 millimeter thin panel and offers unparalleled picture quality with amazing contrast, outstanding brightness, exceptional color reproduction, and a rapid response time. It delivers astounding performance in all the key picture quality categories.

Oled-display.net is a comprehensive resource for OLED professionals, and for people who want to learn more about this amazing new display technology.



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