FEMTOSOURCE(tm) scientific(tm) XL 500, a high power ultrafast Chirped Pulse Oscillator (CPO)

The successfull crossover between ultrafast oscillators and amplifiers
(PresseBox) (Wien, ) The FEMTOSOURCE™ scientific™ XL 500 is the flagship of an entirely novel family of high power ultrafast laser systems. This laser system will revolutionize many applications by offering a unique combination of laser output parameters. An output energy level exceeding 0.5ìJ and a pulse duration of less than 50 fs in combination with a repetition rate of greater than 5 MHz yields an unprecedented average power level of > 2.5 W and > 10 MW of peak power. The center wavelength is 800 nm.

Based on our patented dispersive mirror technology, in combination with our proprietary Chirped Pulse Oscillator (CPO) technology, the FEMTOSOURCE™ scientific™ XL represents a crossover between ultrafast oscillators and ultrafast amplifier systems, combining the advantages of both technologies, while omitting their disadvantages.

The CPO technology is based on our successful ultrafast oscillator technology, making complex Q-switched pump lasers, extensive cooling, high voltage and E-O switches obsolete. As a result, the system offers an excellent stability, user friendliness, line to laser output efficiency and compactness. The temperature stabilized laser head dimensions are 1240 x 540 x 208mm (49" x 21" x 8.2").

Applications include materials processing, THz generation, spectroscopy and many others in the demanding scientific environment. Processes, where ultrafast pulses and ultra high peak power combined with high power, stability and reliability are of advantage, will strongly benefit from the FEMTOSOURCE™ scientific™ XL.

Please ask for beam steering options including dispersive mirrors (DM), to make sure, that your laser pulses arrive undistorted at your target. For detailed information about the FEMTOSOURCE™ scientific™ XL product family and its accessories, please visit www.femtolasers.com


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