Semrock® Introduces a New Grade of Ultrasteep Raman Edge Filters

Semrock introduced a new level of performance into its already popular RazorEdge® family of thin-film optical edge filters for Raman spectroscopy.
(PresseBox) (Wessling, ) The unprecedented steepness of the new “E-grade” long-wave-pass edge filters makes it possible to measure Stokes-shifted Raman signals closer to the laser line than ever before.
All RazorEdge Raman filters – broadly stocked for laser wavelengths ranging from 224 to 1064 nm – provide exceptional steepness to allow measurement of signals very close to the blocked laser line with high signal-to-noise ratio. All are made with sophisticated Ion Beam Sputtering for the highest performance and proven reliability. However the new E-grade RazorEdge filters take closeness to an Extreme new level, enabling the most discriminating Raman spectroscopy measurements. Initial offerings of this new grade for popular 532, 633, and 785 nm lasers boast an edge steepness (measured from optical density 6 to 50% transmission) of only 0.2% of the laser wavelength – translating to 1 nm or about 40 cm–1 for a 532 nm edge filter! “These exceptional filters are the result of a happy marriage of customer demand and our continuous technology improvement,” said Dr. Turan Erdogan, CTO of Semrock.

About Semrock:
Semrock has a full line of catalog products, from the popular RazorEdge filters, complementary MaxLine laser clean-up filters, and StopLine notch filters for Raman spectroscopy and laser systems, to BrightLine filters for fluorescence microscopy and instrumentation. All of these products ship quickly – most from stock. And all Semrock filters are now covered under the company’s new industry-leading five-year warranty.


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