New Still Trucks for Indoor and Outdoor Transport

High flexibility for horizontal transports
Still tractor CX-T for outdoor applications (PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) The new CX-T series offered by the Intralogistics company Still is an agile, three wheel tractor allowing to optimise flexible internal transportation. The CX-T series tractors are designed for horizontal transports with frequent change of trailers or for order picking jobs using trailers.
The 70 millimetre floor clearance allows the CX-T trucks to operate outdoors where bumps, transitions or damages in the road surface are the rule.

The free view of the coupling from the driver’s stand greatly facilitates daily work, especially if the CX-T is equipped with the optional automatic coupling. In the standard version the CX-T is fitted with a triplex coupling connecting trailers at heights of 300, 365 and 410 millimetres matching different tiller heights. To make coupling much easier the Still CX-T Tractor can be optionally equipped with a pedestrian function. This features two buttons to move the tractor slowly backward or forward from the outside.

Ergonomics and safety determine the overall design

For the construction of the CX-T tractor engineers focussed on a modular and ergonomic design. This reduces costs for maintenance and spare parts logistics. The proven components have shown great practicality and reliability in every day operation and ensure a high availability.

The driver stands on a suspended platform. The backrest fits all body sizes and offers good lateral stability. The stand-on platform itself is designed as a dead man switch. This means that the tractor brakes automatically if the driver leaves the platform.
All relevant information displays and buttons are integrated in the cockpit in such a way that they can be reached without the driver changing the position of his grip. The handles of the handlebar are slightly angled for a formfitting position. The angled rotation axle of the handle allows ergonomic steering movements. PIN code access control prevents unauthorised use of the tractor.
On releasing the driving switch the tuck brakes softly feeding the energy back to the battery.
Another effective means to protect the driver is the automatic speed reduction. When travelling through curves it reduces the speed proportionally to the steering angle.

Compact performance

The maintenance-free 3-kW AC motor directly drives the drive wheel. The CX-T tractor provides a maximum towing capacity of 4000 kg and top driving speeds of 12 km/h without load and 10 km/h with load.
In the standard version the CX-T is delivered with SE tyres. The use of these Superelastic tyres which are notably softer than Vulkolan or solid rubber tyres largely absorb shocks from bumps in the road. Installation of the motor directly above the drive wheel and the location of the heavy battery beside the drive unit ensure good traction. These constructional elements provide the good climbing capacities when driving up slopes.

The two rear wheels are protected by a cast part that is bolted on the tractor increasing the traction and stability by its weight. High stability is also supported by the large track width of 679 millimetre.
The battery capacity of 450 Ah contributes to the high performance. Compared to its predecessor model the optimised power supply raises the availability by 20 percent. An exchange battery can easily be put in from the side by rollers or from the top by a hoist.

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Intelligent control of Intralogistics by operation of tractors for indoor and outdoor transport

Photo: STILL GmbH
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