HUSH™ Technologies provides the optimal combination of Microsoft™ Vista mediacenter and Microsoft™ homeserver for the Entertainment network

ATX VFD MKIII 45 (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) Thanks to the new Home Server HS1 in conjunction with the HUSH™ E6 MKIII Media Center Edition HUSH™ Technologies has developed a perfect Home Entertainment Networking.

The small, elegant and plain Hush™ HS1 Home Server is with its power usage of only 35 Watt one of the best energy-efficient Server in the market! The HUSH™ E6 - an absolute whispering silent design object – offers an efficient and compact management and control mode for the complete digital Entertainment. Whether film, music-, or picture files – with the digital E6 Media Center you can play back the most different sizes and potty manage with one single control-remote. In the Hush™ E6 operates the latest generation of Intel®Core™ processors. Optional the Hush Entertainment systems are also available with the Blu-ray drive from Panasonic.

Furthermore HUSH™ Technologies offers to its users customised solutions for business and personal use. HUSH™ systems are available in black or silver surfaces.


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