High Speed for small applications

High Speed for small applications (PresseBox) (Herzogenaurach, ) With the new SPEED7-CPUs 312SC/PtP, 313SC/PtP, 313SC/DPM and 314SC/DPM from Vipa, the portfolio of the high-speed automation devices has been completed for the lower level.

Of course the CPU based on the PLC 7001is programmable with Step 7 from Siemens and is adjustable to the command fund of the S7-300 or S7-400. The SPS is drawn up for time critical applications and at the same time fulfills the increasing need of rising memory capacities. The memory can subsequently be adjusted to the needs of the plant and application at any time without having to change existing hardware. For this only a memory configuration card (MCC) is plugged into the card slot to release more memory. This reduces the number of required CPU types that the customer has to hold on stock for all applications to one.

Together with the Ethernet interface, the integrated master for Profibus-DP and the MP2I connection, the CPU supports thus all important interfaces, combined in one system.

All CPUs have a integrated PtP interface.

The CPUs are at this time the fastest CPUs of their class. The processing happens up to 30 times faster than at existing compact control systems from Siemens.

The CPUs are pincompatible with Siemens. The PtP interface is also useable as SSI.

The CPUs 313SC/DPM ans 314SC/DPM have also a PB master, some I/Os, PWMs with stepper interface.

The interrupt behavior is characterized by an extremely high performance and deterministic.


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