Aero-domains:Now aviation has a new alternative to traditional domain names

Where aero-domains really starts to add value is in its long term technical
Aero-Domain: What a difference a good name makes... (PresseBox) (Cologne, ) Registration in the .aero domain is only available to members of the aviation community, which includes companies, organizations, associations, government agencies and individuals. Registrants of aero-domains form an exclusive community of aviation professionals, businesses and organizations and hence has a unique authenticity not available with a generic or country specific domain.

The benefits are clear – increased visibility within a crowded online environment through adoption of a global, unique, exclusive, aviation-specific online identity.

For professionals, new businesses and small businesses serving the aviation community, aero-domains can strengthen your online presence and clearly identify your aviation focus, providing a quick and easy way to market your aviation business and services globally.

For those companies with a well established internet presence, registrations in .aero will not only protect your company, brands and trademarks in aviation’s own Internet territory, but will offer the opportunity to enhance your established online presence.

Since websites and email services using the aero-domains work with your current domain names, a simple redirection to from your new aero-domain names your existing web address can enhance your existing investment by driving more traffic and “reserve” your space in aviation’s internet territory.

However, where aero-domains really starts to add value is in its long term technical
performance. Not only does aero-domains offer all the features you would expect from a top level domain (TLD) – but aero-domains will also form part of key technical applications in the future, providing a common internet platform for the aviation industry.

And as the domain is managed by the industry, for the industry, you can be
safe in the knowledge that your most important online asset is in safe hands,
focused on giving you the best for the future.

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