Labsphere Uniform Source Systems Provide Accurate, Flexible Calibration

For calibration of cameras, displays, remote sensing devices, telespectroradiometers, and imaging radiometers, Labsphere’s USS-800 series uniform source systems provide unmatched application flexibility and upgrade potential.
Labsphere’s USS-800 uniform source systems are available in both continuous and stepped radiance output models. (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) Available in continuous (USS-800C) or stepped (USS-800S) output models, Labsphere’s systems are a low cost solution for responsivity characterization in research, quality control and process engineering settings.

Systems are built on an eight-inch diameter integrating sphere, coated with Labsphere’s proprietary Spectraflect®. This highly reflective diffuse coating delivers exception spatial integration exceeding 98%. The two-inch exit port is suitable for most portable imaging systems and arrays, with optional Spectraflect coated accessories to reduce port size as dictated by application. A broad range of light sources offer several levels of radiance performance; current regulated DC power supply ensures lamp consistency for reproducible results. Exit port luminance is controlled and monitored with Labsphere’s SC 6000 radiometer. USS-800 systems’ calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The fixed radiance output of the USS-800S is ideal for uniform illumination of devices under test or to source a non-imaging optical train, with stepped radiance outputs of 70500, 31000, or 3000 cd/m2. For greater flexibility, the USS-800C provides adjustable continuous spectral radiance and irradiance with luminance levels ranging from 0 to 9800, 13500, or 24,000 cd/m2. This configuration is most often used to characterize the linearity of non-imaging (ccd array) and imaging (camera) systems.

About Labsphere:
Part of the global Halma group of technology companies, Labsphere is a world leader in light testing and measurement, and diffuse optical coatings. The company’s products include LED, laser and traditional light source light measurement systems; uniform light sources for imaging device calibration; spectroscopy accessories; and high diffuse reflectance materials and coatings for applications in backlit panel displays, computed radiography, and system calibration. Their expertise has resulted in multiple patents in areas such as methods for testing LEDs on a wafer and UV transmittance.


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