50 MHz High-Speed Debug Access:UDE 2.4 supports AMCC’s high-end PowerPC 440SPe

AMCC440Support (PresseBox) (Lauta, ) pls Programmierbare Logik & Systeme GmbH presents at embedded world 2008 in Hall 10, Booth 215 a new version of its Universal Debug Engine (UDE) 2.4, tailored to the special features of AMCC’s high-end PowerPC 440Spe.

The PowerPC 440SPe embedded I/O processor, based on Book E enhanced PowerPC architecture, is predominantly used in high-performance embedded data storage and network applications and operates with speeds of up to 667MHz. High-speed Processor Local Bus (PLB) supports 10.4GB/s. peak bandwidth. A further excellent feature are the high-performance peripheral functions of the device which includes, three PCI Express Interfaces, a DDR I/DDR II SDRAM Controller, 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC and a two-channel DMA controller.

In combination with pls’ Universal Access Device 2 (UAD2), the Universal Debug Engine (UDE) 2.4 offers users of the AMCC440Spe a 50 MHz high-speed debug access via JTAG. The resulting download rates not only enable an extremely fast flash programming and simulated I/O, but as a rule, also lead to a significant reduction of turnaround time during development.

The UDE 2.4 provides unlimited support of all hardware enabled features such as code and data breakpoints. This is also applicable for the testing of program code in the area of memory cache. Support of the Memory Management Unit (MMU) by the debugger furthermore, allows the designer a transparent access to memory and register of the core. A configuration of the cache and the MMU is comfortably possible via initialization commands.

The intuitive and configurable user interface of the UDE 2.4 supports users of the AMCC440SPe with unlimited C/C++ support, a high-performance symbol browser, freely configurable toolbars, comprehensive contextual menus and HTML as description language for user specific windows. Furthermore, the use of standard scripting language guarantees a high level of automation.

Additionally an adaption for the AMCC440SPe of the well-known real time operating system CMX was made by pls. A board support package for AMCC’s Katmai Board is also available.


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