30 MW Line made by Schmid put into Operation

Largest Equipment in South Korea for Production of Solar Cells inaugurated
Inauguration Millinet (PresseBox) (Freudenstadt/Germany, ) Daegu/Korea. On January 22nd 2008 Millinet Solar, one of the leading solar cells manufacturers, has put officially into operation the so far largest solar cell production line in South Korea. The complete process and equipment technology has been supplied by the Schmid Group with head office in Freudenstadt.

The plant located in Daegu (which is the fourth largest city in South Korea) uses the most advanced technology regarding the automation level and the applied process technology. The plant has got an output of approx. 10 million solar cells per year which corresponds to an installed capacity of at least 30 MW.

Several high-ranking persons of politics, trade and industry attended the opening, for example the Vice Minister of economic affairs and energy of Korea, Mr. Yungho Oh, or Mr. Sangdeuk Lee, Vice Chairman of the Korean National Assembly (NA). The Schmid Group has been represented by Christian Buchner, CEO of Schmid Technology GmbH.

The Korean Millinet Solar was founded in 2005 to produce multi-crystalline solar cells. Millinet took a foreign capital of US-$ 8.5 million.


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